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The F.L.E (Français Langue Etrangère (French Foreign Language)) is for the non-French speaking public. This program proposes French lessons adapted to adults or children.



To pass your exams as part of the preparation for DELF and DALF we will put you in touch with the French alliance who are organising the exam sessions to pass these diplomas. 


  • Learn French in a professional or personal context


  • Learn to introduce yourself and to exchange in every day life situations


  • Speak according to specific contexts


  • Go deeper into oral and written expression in order to master the French language


  • Semantic, Syntax, Grammar,

      Spelling, Conjugation.



We are proposing non-French speaking populations to deal with French language in depth. Mastery of one of the official languages of the welcoming country is an essential asset: 

  • to access the employment market

  • to facilitate your daily or touristic administrative procedures




Diplôme d'Etude de Langue Française

Diploma for French Studies


Diplôme d' Appronfondissement de Langue Française

Diploma for In-Depth French Studies


Bilingualism presents several advantages according to cognitive, personal, cultural and economic aspects. However, bilingual children in their first learning years can show some delayed learning, language mistakes or confusion linked to French language subtilities, in their school curriculum assimilation. 


This is why we recommend to go deeper into the oral and written French language mastery.




During our first appointment and at request, a translator and an interpreter will assist you in your needs definition. This will avoid any language barriers and will facilitate communication. 


At the end of this first appointment, we will write a report and we will send it to you for acceptance. In doing that, we establish a collaboration with a translation company in cooperation with Geneva's interpreter federation, as well as the Geneva's translation school. 





 Children - Teenagers - Adults

 Au pairs

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