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The special needs teacher...

Assists, Supports, Provides solutions...

  • Develop a cognitive endurance

  • Facilitate learning by calming tensions.

  • Create a quality relationship with the learner

  • Maintain an interaction

  • Offer a suitable learning environment

  • Offer re-educational, instructive and compensatory solutions

  • Readjust our interventions as we go along the progresses observed

  • Adopt a friendly and facilitating behaviour

  • Aim to be autonomous in school learning

  • Give a meaning to learning

  • Insist on the learning transfer

  • Fix the level of attainment to better prepare for the future

  • Arouse the learner's interest in order to make him progress significantly

  • Remove ambiguities

  • Make the implicit emerge

  • Permit the largest number of people to access the culture and knowledge

  • Answer the parents' torments about education.

  Our know-how...      






 Children - Teenagers - Adults

 Au pairs

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