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Active and participative education

  • This action is part of a systematic vision of the student facing learning difficulties by taking into account at the same time the individual factors and those concerning




                     FAMILY   SOCIAL aspects. 


  • Different factors linked with the learner's environment can be associated with the learning difficulties that are in general, diagnosticated in reading, writing or mathematics. 


  • However, a certain proposition of these difficulties can be attributed to cognitive disfunctions which can have a neurologic origin, this leads on to learning troubles. 








  • The special needs teacher's action is therefore caracterised by a set of didactics and othodidactics means in order to help the learner to succeed in his learning.



  • Create favourable conditions, that permit maximum use of the student's, teenager's or adult's learning potential for those facing difficulties.


Special education is the science that treats learning difficulties. These difficulties are often the result of previous difficulties that are lasting and are coupled with other difficulties. 





 Children - Teenagers - Adults

 Au pairs

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