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A second chance for adults who want to be supported during their training...


  • Because professional life is not a long quiet river, it became essential to be able to pick yourself up in case of job loss or re-evaluation...


  • The professional training is a second chance school for those who do not want to suffer from a job they did not choose. It is also an efficient way to find a new job quickly for example in an economic branch with a strong employment potential.


  • To finish it can simply help you to realise your project that you have been aiming at for a long time without ever taking the plunge.


Because scholarship and professional destinies...

                                                        are narrowly linked...

Help to succeed in your professional training, competitive exams or exams


  •  Help to define your project

  •  Support in your steps, choices of the structure or the school

  •  Educational support for the duration of your training, until the exam

Favouring the professional insertion






 Children - Teenagers - Adults

 Au pairs

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